CNC Swiss Screw Machines

Our large number of Swiss machines allows us to keep lead times short and respond to customer emergencies.

Our CNC Swiss screw machine department is the fastest-growing part of our CNC machining facility.


Swiss machines are unique in that they move the bar axially back and forth, while the tools that cut the bar remain stationary in this axis.  As a result, the tool holders are much more rigidly mounted, and machines that operate on this Swiss principle are capable of much greater accuracy, as well as greater machining speed.  They are particularly well-suited to long parts with tightly controlled turned diameters.


The CNC Swiss screw machines used by OEP Machining have live tooling and subspindles, making them capable of machining very complex parts in a single operation:  Parts with flats, cross-drilled holes, off-center holes, backside work, and so on can drop off of this machine complete.


This has two advantages:  First, because these features are all created in one chucking, their positions relative to one another will be inherently more accurate than if they were created in multiple operations.  Second, this is much more efficient and much less expensive than producing these features in multiple operations..




With parts like this, in any quantity over 100 pieces, OEP Machining will be competitive with anyone in the world in terms of price, quality, and lead time

Left: A complex brass piece produced complete on the CNC Swiss screw machine. Right: A complex, tightly tolerances part produced complete from a challenging alloy of stainless steel on the CNC Swiss screw machine.

OEP Machining’s personnel include some of the most experienced and skilled machinists in the country

Our Plant Two facility is clean, well-lit and climate-controlled, a critical factor in precision work.

Precision CNC Machining to customer specifications, specializing in complex geometries and tight tolerances in challenging materials and production quantities.


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